Science Friday: The habitat that steelhead prefer, and how we use it to estimate capacity of rivers

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By John McMillan How many steelhead can you fit into a given watershed? Put another way, what is the carrying capacity of a given watershed for steelhead? This question, and its answer, are important for steelhead fishery managers, and anglers, as we collectively try to rebuild wild fish runs up and down the West Coast.   To be clear, we …

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Cutting TLMP threatens Tongass Steelhead

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The incredible fishing opportunity in Southeast Alaska’s Tongass National Forest has survived despite years of timber wars across the region. Logging the impressive old growth trees of the Tongass poses direct threats to wild salmon and steelhead by increasing the amount of sediment in streams, raising water temperatures and removing key spawning habitat.   However, with a recent amendment to …

Snake River Steelhead Recovery Plan Released by NOAA

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By Rob Masonis   The recent release of the final federal recovery plan for Snake River Spring/Summer Chinook salmon and steelhead is a milestone in the decades-long effort to reverse the precipitous decline of salmon and steelhead runs in the Snake River system. The Snake was historically the most productive region in the Columbia Basin for spring/summer chinook and steelhead, …

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Science Friday: The fate of stranded post-spawn adult steelhead

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By John McMillan   One significant way in which steelhead differ from salmon is that O. mykiss have the ability to survive spawning and try to make the journey again. This behavior is referred to as repeat spawning.   Repeat spawner rates are highly variable among populations of steelhead, with rates being higher in coastal streams than among inland populations …